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Welcome to Youngman's Auto Repair, Your Complete Auto Repair Specialists!

Once a vehicle develops transmission issues, problems can pop up all over your vehicle. You may not even know the transmission is the problem until you make it into our shop. At Youngman’s Auto Repair, your Complete Auto Repair Specialists, in Denton, Texas, we know the signs and where to look for the problems because we see them every day. In some vehicles, a smell is the first sign of a problem. A burning odor could be an indication that your transmission is overheating, or your transmission fluid is not cooling effectively. We encourage our customers to tell us what their vehicle is doing wrong so we can make it right. Give our friendly office staff a call today at (940) 387-7700 to discuss what’s keeping your vehicle from performing its best, and we will do OUR best to make it right.

It’s About More Than Just Repairs

At Youngman's Auto Repair, we know auto shops have a reputation for putting their prices first, and we have made it our promise to buck the trend. We want to stand out from the other shops in Denton, Texas, and not only draw in new customers but also keep them coming back.

Transparent Service & Counsel

We offer completely transparent recommendations, services and repairs. You've come to us because your vehicle isn't working and our aim is to help get you back on the road. We offer free diagnostics and a 23-point test, so we can find the answer to why your vehicle isn't performing up to standard and offer our expertise for a repair plan.

Your Trusted Repair Provider

As the vehicle owner, you have final say on all work performed on your vehicle, we just want you to have all the information so you can make your decision. Come by the shop today to see our technicians at work on vehicles just like yours. You can find us at 2311 S Interstate 35 East.

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Masters of Your Vehicle's Maintenance

We perform a wide range auto repairs and services to keep your whole vehicle running right. It's a large and complicated machine, and all the different functions need to be doing their job correctly. Regularly checking your wheel alignment has a direct effect on your vehicle's mileage and efficiency. Oil changes help keep your engine cool. And brake repair keeps you driving safely. Everything is connected to how your vehicle performs, so let our ASE-certified technicians identify ways to protect and improve your vehicle. For transmission repairs, our warranty covers everything inside our rebuilds, not just the parts we replaced. Ask us about our 12-month/12,000-mile warranty!

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